30 day vegan easy challenge menu


Porridge or cereal with soy, rice or nut milk and fresh fruit | Scrambled tofu with grilled tomatoes and mushroom on toasted English muffin | Toast with Marmite/avocado/jam or baked beans | Fresh fruit salad and soy yoghurt | Fruit smoothie | Muffins | Vegan pancakes with maple syrup


Minestrone soup with crusty bread | Vegetable Frittata | Tempeh or bean burger | Hearty salads using lentils or beans, potatoes, rice or pasta | Sandwich or wrap - using a variety of salads, vegan mayonnaise, mustard, hummus, roasted vegetables, falafel, crispy tofu, mock meat slices or veg schnitzels | Vegan sushi | Baked potato topped with mixed bean and veggie salad


Veg sausages with garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy | BBQ tofu/veggie skewers with corn on the cob | Vegan lasagne or spaghetti bolognaise | Vegetable curry or dahl with roti | Mixed veggie stir-fry with tofu, tempeh or nuts served with rice or noodles | Mushroom risotto | Chilli non-carne with mixed green salad


Fresh fruit | raw vegetable sticks dipped in hummus, salsa or guacamole | raw almonds or other nuts | pumpkin seeds (pepitas) or other seeds | soy yoghurt | wholegrain crackers (e.g. Ryvitas, Vitawheats) with toppings - e.g. fresh tomato, avocado, Marmite | rice cakes with peanut butter or tahini and fresh baby spinach leaves | dates, other dried fruit | Fruit Cups | Raw Bliss Balls | baked beans (preferably salt-reduced) | glass of fortified soymilk (try blending with fresh fruit to make a nutritious soy smoothie) | Green smoothie

occasional Snacks/treats

Blueberry muffins | Banana & Walnut muffins | Raspberry & White Chocolate muffins | vegan sweets/ desserts /cakes | licorice | muesli bars (check label to ensure no animal products) | Sesame Snaps | vegan chocolate

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