Mar-Apr 2013 Vegan Easy Challenge in Slovenia!


Congratulations to all prize winners and participants of Slovenia’s first 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge!  

It ran from March 8 to April 9 with over 580 people participating and almost 60% of the sign-ups requesting mentors! Out of the people who filled in the feedback form over 85% completed the Challenge successfully.
An end of Challenge celebration was held on April 15 with distinguished guest speakers, delicious vegan food and of course the all important announcement of the three winners. The four guest speakers covered the various aspects of veganism. Mladen Krsnik spoke about veganism as a natural law and the consequences of going against that law. Milan Mrđenović shared his experiences with the raw diet, and famous Slovenian singer and animal advocate Jadranka Juras spoke about the ethics of veganism. Ivan Soče, director of publishing house Sitis, additionally presented to lucky participants three books published by his company The China Study, The McDougall Plan and A Challenging Second Opinion.
The prize winners of the Mar-Apr 2013 Vegan Easy Challenge in Slovenia are:
1st Prize (Loving Hut gift certificate) - Mojca Vek
2nd Prize (hamper of vegan food products) - Eva Kovač
3rd Prize (basket of vegan cosmetics) - Tadeja Vőrőš



Mojca Vek, 1st prize winner 

I was a vegetarian before I started the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge. I decided to be vegetarian because of my health and disagreement with the treatment of animals in the food industry.  

When I, by chance, came across the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge I asked myself: Why not? Even egg-laying hens and dairy cows live a sad and tormented life, similar as animals intended for meat. So I decided to try. In the beginning I thought the Challenge would be more difficult than it actually was. Because I hadn’t eaten meat before, I just had to eliminate honey, dairy products and eggs. I like honey very much and I don’t consume sugar, so this was quite a problem for me. I realize there are various honey substitutes, like agave, yacoon etc., however, they aren’t very friendly for a student budget (previously I got honey from home, so I’d never had to buy it).

The second problem I had was bread. Previously I was always buying bread from the bake-house, but most breads contain powdered milk and animal ingredients. Because I don’t have an oven to bake it myself, I was forced to buy packaged bread with labelled with the ingredients so I could read them. I cooked many meals myself as well as vegan desserts and I used vegan recipes found on the internet or received via email. During the weekends when I had access to an oven, I often baked brownies and muffins, and during week I ate mostly spaghetti with some kind of topping. For breakfast and dinner I replaced milk yoghurt with soy yoghurt and I made creamy spaghetti toppings with soy cream. The taste of food was somewhat different but not worse at all. 

I found out that it’s not necessary to complicate food and that it’s not very expensive (at least if we don’t buy vegan meat substitutes and spreads, which I don’t). I finished the Challenge successfully and I intend to stay vegan. And to conclude: "It’s incredible how much people know and how little they understand.” A. Einstein.


Eva Kovač, 2nd prize winner 

I'm a 25-year-old mother of two beautiful children and happily married since 2010. I started to change my viewpoint on health a few years ago when my husband and I reached a critical point in our relationship due to accumulated debts, frequent illnesses of children and other problems… We started to investigate why the things are the way they are and wanted to know the truth about our system.  

In 2010 we were mostly vegetarian though at times I prepared some chicken and tuna spaghetti for me and my children because I thought this is how it should be (what a mistake). The following year I decided to eliminate meat totally from my kitchen because I saw it was senseless to constantly force myself with it. 

Later I saw your post about the Vegan Easy Challenge on Facebook and I told my husband I would become vegan. He thought this was a good idea and agreed to attend the introductory seminars about the Challenge. During the Challenge we attended some of the vegan dinner gatherings organised by the Vegan Easy team, where we broadened our knowledge and received confirmation we are on the right track to better physical health and deeper spiritual growth.   

In the beginning of the Challenge my friend, who is vegan for some years, helped me and gave me much helpful advice. My husband and I had difficulties with shopping vegan at stores in the beginning but we soon learned what to buy and what to look out for. I think being vegan really isn’t difficult and anybody can learn to cook vegan delicacies without any previous knowledge. In a very short time I started to notice changes in my body and general well-being – in the mornings I got up easier, I didn’t feel that terrible insatiable hunger as in the past, my digestion (with which I had huge problems with) settled totally… in short, I experienced 100% improvement in comparison with previous eating habits. Also, on a spiritual level we felt we’re more connected with each other and all other beings and realized that is the only right diet for people! 

The Challenge isn’t difficult, not at all, especially if you’re dedicated with all your heart and enjoy this new life you’ve started. So, if you ask me whether I’ll remain vegan… I think the answer is crystal clear: SURE!!! Let’s make tomorrow better, not just for us, but for all living beings, for Mother Nature! 

Thank you, VeganEasy!


Tadeja Vőrőš, 3rd prize winner 

My name is Tadeja and I’m a fourth year veterinary student. 

Seven years ago, I saw a truck on a road that was full of animals topped on each other and it was a very hot day outside. I couldn’t get this image out of my mind for a long time, so I started to search on the internet. I came across videos showing animals in meat and dairy industry, suffering gravely, so I decided that no animal would die because of me from that moment on. I made the decision to become vegetarian. 

The last year of vegetarianism I was thinking of eliminating eggs and milk from my diet but I didn’t do that until I signed up for the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge. After 30 days of being vegan I feel great and I have even more energy than before. I’m very grateful my family supports me and my mom adjusts recipes for me so I can also eat a big Sunday lunch.  

I’ll continue eating this way because these 30 days were just a jumping board to a better lifestyle that causes no suffering to other beings, and at the same time I help maintain a clean environment and, what’s the most important, I eat healthily.