Vegan Easy Testimonials

Naveen from Colombo, Sri Lanka (completed the Challenge September 2013):
"... let me take this opportunity to pay my sincere gratitude to everyone at Vegan Easy and ALV. You've made me kind, compassionate and harmonious human being."

Anna from NSW, Australia (completed the Challenge August 2013):
"... thank you so much for making the transition so easy. I don't think I would have felt empowered enough initially to start being vegan straight away, but the idea of doing it for 30 days is great because you find out how much easier and ethical it is in small steps! My mum (who turns 65 this year) has converted to being vegan too now - I am trying to persuade a couple of friends to try it too!"

Sharyn from Victoria, Australia (completed the Challenge August 2013):
"Thanks for all the emails and the great recipes. I could not have made this such an easy transition without your support. There is really no excuse for anybody not to go vegan now. Its easy."

Robyn from New Jersey, USA (completed the Challenge July 2013):
"Great program I'm going to recommend it to others."